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Cape May Presbyterian Church

The Visitors' Church for over a century: Obedient in faith we intend to work together to touch the lives of others and be disciples of the Lord.

July 11, 2024


Exploring Cape May: Learnings from the Cape May County Museum

Continuing my research on Cape May’s history and culture, I took a tour of the Cape May County Museum this week. I saw artifacts and learned about Cape May’s history from the earliest known human inhabitants, (the Lenni Lenâpé who were part of the Algonquin Nation), through contemporary life of the county. One of my goals for this visit was to learn about Cape May’s involvement in the Civil War. I learned that personal and economic situations led residents to be for both the North and South but that the county overall was loyal to the cause of the Union. The county paid men to join the troop ranks, with 360 soldiers from Cape May joining the battlefields. African American men were allowed to join in 1864 when Cape May struggled to meet its quota. The women of Cape May were involved in producing clothing and other military necessities. The women even crafted the flag that marched with the soldiers of the Union. A fragment of this flag is hanging in the museum, and I highly recommend spending time with it!

                Next week, I will be continuing my research by visiting the Cape May Lighthouse and WWII Lookout Tower as I think about Cape May’s maritime involvement and role in WWII. Keep an eye out for my next update!




Getting Ready for the Back-to-School Fair

This year's BTSF will take place on Aug 18th, from 12 -2 pm.  If you would like to purchase some school supplies, we recommend 4 oz glue bottles (the lowest price is 25 cents, but 50 cents is also good!), or gluesticks (the price to aim for is 25 cents for two!).  If you aren't interested in shopping, monetary donations are super helpful.  We get most of the supplies online at bulk prices, but your donations to offset that cost would be greatly appreciated. 

If you are interested in helping to plan, organize, and publicize, come and gather with other interested folks for our next meeting on July 29th at 11 am in the Fellowship Room.  Let's send local families into the school year rejoicing!


No Musical VBS this year!  

Trying to put Vacation Bible School together this year was always a bit of a long shot, given how late we put it on the calendar.  It was worth a try, but we did not get the interest we had hoped for.  So we are filing away Jordan's excellent prep and some tips from folks in the community about better times and plans, and we'll try again next year!  Thanks to all who supported the idea, and don't worry, we'll be calling you in 2025!


Sermon Series

For the next few weeks, Pastor Nicole will be preaching on the theme: Reality Check.  We'll be looking at moments in the Bible when a prophetic voice with a message from God comes crashing in to shake up the delusions of powerful leaders.  Where do we find ourselves suddenly getting a new perspective on what we thought was true?  Do we even still believe that that some things are true and others not? 
And what exactly is a plumbline? For the answers to these and other questions, see you in church.   


Our Worship Schedule

8:30 am - Traditional worship at Decatur Street beach. Enjoy the natural sanctuary and traditional music.
 Bring your own chair or towel!
11:00 am - Jazz worship in the lovely indoor sanctuary for those who love jazz and air-conditioning. 


Miss church last week?  The text of recent sermons are available on the church's website, and of course videos of the earlier service are always available on YouTube and Facebook.

Our Church Staff:
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Nicole Wilkinson
Keyboardist/Jazz Leader: Greg Pordon
Office Administrator: Nancy DeSantis